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General LED lightings with attractive design and cost saving, are made accessible for the masses from low-end to top-end market, in accordance with Visicom slogan “For A Brighter World”.

FOXLED is special lighting solution. The luxury of a room space is not only applied on the aesthetic side, yet lighting design, smart choice of lights product are very important to provide luxurious feeling.

FOX provides portable lighting solutions. Our goods are made from the highest quality material and sold throughout the country. Our specialty are torch, headlight, mosquito racket and emergency lamps.

About Us - Lamp Supplier

About us

Established in 1997, Importing, Trading and Assembling.

The company has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 by LMK and has met the Indonesia National Standard (SNI) for various types of Energy Saving Lamps and UL Certified, CE, RoHs for LED lighting in accordance with government of Indonesia requirements and policies.
Discover the most astounding collection of Indonesian LED Lamp. LED lights get counted among the biggest revolutions that rocked the world since the invention of electricity. Having been a part of our world for more than 2 decades, these are lighting every corner of our lives now. You can now avail these in every shape, size, and color. PT. Gunawan Elektrindo is one of the oldest Indonesian Lamp Distributor and Supplier.

How Are LEDs Defining Indonesian Market?

Traditionally, the lighting market was led by Fluorescent Tube Lights (FTLs) as well as Incandescent Bulbs (ICLs) because of their lower prices and wide availability. But these were culprits of high energy consumption and power bills. Jakarta Lamp Supplier has brought LED as a blessing in this scenario, it is one of those chocolate cakes that are highly delicious with zero fats and lower calories. Since electricity is penetrating the deepest corners of our surroundings, Indonesia is facing power shortage. Power rationing and blackouts are common scenarios even in Jakarta. LED is the most advanced lighting technology and has garnered high admiration among citizens of Indonesia since these were introduced in the market.

Which Are The Most Preferred LEDs?

Here LED Indonesian Lamp Product is sold by major Lamp Supplier. Selection of LEDs depends on location and purpose of LED light. You can avail various kinds of luminaries varying from panel lights to directional lights, spotlights, as well as downlights. You can avail all forms of Indonesian Lamp Selling at the most reasonable prices. Make sure you check the complete product catalogue, you will definitely get what you are looking for.

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